Monday, January 11, 2010

*POSITIVELY, POSITIVITY* . . . Why the Heaven Not? ~ by Absolutely*Kate of Harbinger*33


Why the Heaven Not?

~ By Absolutely*Kate, 
The Book of VITA*BELLA

THRIVING ... past even good intensified jiving, has some great gamblin' odds goin' for your game of life ~ five to one will do it, as in fiving positives to any doggone negative you still let slip'slide in (Work on that this decade, will'ya?). This works on life, this works on love, this works on learnings and yearnings . . . aye, this works on nailin' any idea to concept to possibility to potentiality ... just right, picture perfect, if your finely honed sense of able-aesthetics cares to decor how your metaphor hangs.

Past simple abundance, past manifesting destiny, past even moxie, jazz and Satchmo's beloved razzamatazz . . . let your mind'set roam, ramble, soar, fly, gather in, drink deep, taste sky, swallow wonder, light candles vs cursing any ol'shadow of a dimming damning darkness, open, open, open to what's already there . . . the splendid ramifications of potency within. Which craft - witchcraft? -- nay -- even Jesus said with that way cool grinnn He could readily conjure, "Let your JOY be full". . . Jesus would never dish out or wish'out half-assed joy, right? -- divine doesn't deign to do that.

What's that -- you want a 'how to' ... no'wayo ... listen, feel, zeal instead, attune to the tuning in of your very own Now to know the best o'zen's zest way for your personal beguine to begin. Mess around under your hood with all those loose wires, driving-shafts and cool carburetors to jumpstart your awe to "Ahhhhs" and you're brickin' your golden roads to Discover, TinMan-Scarecrow, what you always had fueling the feeling inside . . .  

~ Bless*zings be,
 ~ Absolutely*Glinda ... whoops, I mean Absolutely*Kate 

*** to be continued *** as a life well-lived in givin' is ***
 (c) 2010 ... Author Absolutely*Kate, ala The Book of VITA*BELLA

Absolutely*Kate is creator/producer and kleig-lights inducer of AT THE BIJOU to bring writers'raves into the hearts and minds of readers'faves. She believes in believers, *clinks* all good things toast-able, and moseys Moxie's way. Currently HARBINGER*33, the book and ongoing promotion devotion, is getting Absolutely*Kate's billowing pulls on all the right lines to raise sails this month in publishing history's launch  ... where glories of 33 stellar authors' stories and illuminations of 3 stunning artists and 3 scintillating authenticators will lend the bloom to any compass rose. Why yes, four new books for authors' array are also surely underway. 

~ We're so damn glad she's so here.
~ The finely renowned (and most of all humble) AT THE BIJOU staff


FreshGreenKim said...

Amen, I say to you, and again I say Absolutely*Amen! :)

EC said...

"Why, you had the power all along-"

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Kim of mutual positives to make things happen, pray tell 'where' in native NE Ohio are you making WRITE'ON ENTERPRISES happen? AT THE BIJOU would like to feature all your forward action for our writers'raves and readers'faves. (And yeah, "Thanks, groovy lady.") ~ Absolutely*Kate

Erin ... I promise to loan you the glitzy gown. It goes dynamically swell with our teal heels. ~ Glinda'afficiando, Kate

Laurita said...

Well this was what I needed to getting me feeling light (not in the head part, that's a given). Past even moxie? Now that is something.

Carrie Clevenger said...

This made me smile dear Kate.

Linda said...

Tap three times... and VOILA! Positively positivity... home again... Peace, Linda

Harry said...

Five to one are great odds. I'll TAKE FIVE on Life is a Beauty!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Met ya at the bettin' window with a smile to cash'in on Har!

Linda ~ The world needs good tappin' VOILAs! Glad for the peace of your ruby slippers.

Carrie, Carrie, not contrary ~ you always zing me back a smile ... even when I don't know what you're thinking.

Dear light-headed: Yep. Even past moxie ... bake some cookies to THAT!

Unknown said...

Peach, Sister!!

Unknown said...

Uhhh... I meant Preach, Sister... Although a peach would be nice right now!!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Tony, wait til my writer*friend Jodi comes along (soon to be a best-seller, but I sell'her here) ... she makes peach pies!

Thank*you Brother!
~ Absolutely*Kate

Anonymous said...

The above story was written by none other than our own, Absolutley*Kate. No one else could send this message. My hats off to you Dear Lady.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Better for your coif, Dear Jeanette . . . but "aw shucks" ... I blushed. ~ Absolutely*Kate

Crybbe666 said...

Dear Kate,

My engine is now ticking along just fine, thanks to your wonderful words. There were sme cross-flow going on but now everything is schmick!!!

Thanks, dear lady, for such a positive vibe and jive!!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

"Schmick" is such a dashing word, Mustang Paulie! ~ May I borrow it to keep my own vrooom in fine fettle? You are most welcome kind sir ~ for what's the point of a positive vibe and jive drive, if you can't tool it around with a fine friend-colleague-writer?

~ Absolutely*Kate

Laura Eno said...

I am attuned to my tuning in. You are one of a kind, *Kate - Absolutely!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Lovely praise from one as lovely as a Laura.

Thank*you kindly, and saaaaaaay, when are YOU going to be showing your grand word'dance, up the lighted stage and screening AT THE BIJOU? ~ Absolutely*Kate