Sunday, January 31, 2010

"I WANTA BE A ZIEGFELD GIRL" ~ By Absolutely*Kate of Harbinger*33

"I Wanta Be A Ziegfeld Girl"
~ By Absolutely*Kate

I wanta be a Ziegfeld Girl. I wanta swallow up glitz and sip the edges of glamahh and do somethin' more with my life than slammin' down countless cups of joe with the  stenographers and shopgirls of diamond rings and new linoleum kitchen dreams in the All Night Chock Full of Nuts Diner at 44th and Divine. I wanta glide when the orchestra glissandos, and I wanta swissssh silks and satins in all the personal places a goil's perfumed skin should swish her silks and her satins. And I want poils, oh gosh I do -- long twirly stringy creamy-whites to linger in the fingertip caresses of the pink passion manicure I can get half-price any Tuesday at Sylvia's Ladies Emporium. I wanta really reel'out snappy one-liners like I do with my bro, but ones that get big bounding belly-laughs center-stagin' Florenz's opening-night Follies show, and oh yeah, I wanta fan some of dose fancy feathers in all the right configgerations during my lavish cakewalk production numbers. Right now though, there's a hole in my reverie  ~  Ma's yellin' again --  "Mabel Jean Krenicky, it's YOUR turn to do the dishes!"

I think I'll need a stage-name too.

" Dear Diary:                                                                      
    To be continued, after I dream a little more . . . "
                              ~ Miss Mabel Jean K.

(C) 2010 ~ Author Absolutely*Kate

Absolutely*Kate believes in believers and sure wishes Miss Mabel Jean K. will dream again, into reoccurring characterizations and of course lavish dance numbers, (fancy feathers inclusive). From captaining creation and wordsmithery collaboration aboard HARBINGER*33, as well as being our guiding light AT THE BIJOU, luck be this lady who strives for class and distinction in authors and artists she comes across on any good sashay along any good street, stretta or gin joint in WebTown. Kate wisecracks with Bogie, knows the RatPack (intimately), and can belt out a tune with both Satchmo and Ms Billie when their presence transcends a room. 

Ignoring massive popcorn crunch under well'turned teal heels, Kate is absolutely proud of striding alongside all the amazing Authors staging their worthy writes up AT THE BIJOU Big*Screen, come our popular Double*Feature Tuesdays & Thursdays. She lives to promote to packed houses, with what she designed and wrote, taking themes, schemes, even dreams the higher. 

Our version of "KT Barnum", behind the spiffy kleig lights, asked us to "THANK*YOU HEARTY" once again ~ for over 500 readers at each of our recent performance shows. (Yippee that!) As more agents, editors, PR-honchos and publishers slip into our plush reader rows, Absolutely*Kate vows to take worthy reputations closer to where they're destined, deservingly, to go.

We kinda think she's cool too ~ 
You oughta get a gander how she renovated our staff lounge!
~ The loyal staff of renown . . . AT THE BIJOU


David Barber said...

A*B*S*O*L*U*T*E*L*Y loved that one Kate.

Regards, David.

Unknown said...

The dreamer and the dreaming are the sacred words to the sacred world where all things always unfold.....

Very well told Absolutely.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Ah, the lovers, the dreamers and me.
What a wonderful opening night!

Thank*you Gents. To thee I curtsey.
(So you like my fan feathahs?)
~ Absolutely*Kate

Paul D Brazill said...

One of your best - a BB musical, and from the heart, I think.

Linda said...

Me too, me too! I wanna be a Ziegfield Girl! What folly!

Enjoyed this muchly, dear AK. Got swerve and verve, tinged with yearning. Peace, Linda

Wendy said...

KATE-ABULOUS!!! Loved the accent...let's dress up in poils and such, we goils can CLINK!

Laurita said...

I think it's every goil's right to swish her silks and satins. This was a beauty, A*K, a real beauty.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Golly Goils ~ we could all be in the chorus line foist and then get auditioned for the feel of the Follies! How lovely to do anything with you dishy dames! Thank*you, Thank*you, Thank*you for sensin' the yearnin ... indeed Mabel Jean did the *speak*. I was but background tip tap type.

And Paul, ever dear Paul ~ you can put a ceegar to one sida your mout' an' be our crafty crusty agent-man. Doors'll open, I just bet my bottom'dollar, (and my wooden nickel too)! (thanks)

Yes. This came SO from my heart.
~ Absolutely*Kate, introducing
... Miss Mabel Jean K.

Misty Hill said...

I found myself wishing, oh so hard, that it was me up there dancing and dreaming. Very good, Kate. It pulled me in and held me tight.

Harry said...

Mabel Jean Krenicky is already an excellent Zeigfeld Girls name...Oh Mabel? Black Label!
Too Cool Katie*Zeigfeld*Gatsby*Girl!

Anonymous said...

Kate your are the poil of todays goils.
I wish I had half your energy. This was a fun red.