Tuesday, April 6, 2010

APRIL FOOL ~ By Jeanette Cheezum of Harbinger*33

By ~ Jeanette Cheezum 

Jimmy Scott always came around her playing the fool. How could he believe anyone would listen to him? Everyone knew he’d never been serious a day in his life. Even his birthday was on April 1st.

Last night he asked Poppa if he could take her out. Thank God, Poppa laughed in his face. The thought of that fool trying to hold hands or even talking to her . . . left her clammy.

Now, if Tommy Clark asked her out she’d be ready in ten minutes. But he’s too shy. She’ll never have that pleasure.


Saturday night, school was having a big dance. Alice would have to stand over in the corner unless she danced with the girls. The new blue and white dress . . . Tommy’s favorite colors, lay across the bed.

Alice hoped he’d notice her --. Just as the dress fell to her knees the doorbell rang. She’d better get the door before Poppa shouted from the other end of the house. 

She ran as fast as her legs could, and flung the door open.

“Are you ready?” Junie asked while straightening her bodice.

“Yes, let me grab my purse.” Excited she ran out the door forgetting to kiss her parents good-bye.

They giggled all the way to school. When they walked in the gymnasium, Tommy stood in the middle of the floor with Dicky and two girls she’d never seen before.

“Who are these girls?” Junie asked.

“Not sure, but Tommy doesn’t seem bashful with them.” She felt jealous and moved closer to hear their conversation.

The DJ started his forty-fives. Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and the Comets blared on his record player.

“Oh, Junie, I wish Tommy would ask me to jitterbug. He’s so dreamy.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather slow dance?” Junie asked. “Someone told me the other day this DJ has all the Platters latest songs.”

“I’d dance anyway he wanted me too.”

After three songs, she saw Tommy and Dicky lead the girls out onto the dance floor.

Her eyes filled with tears and she ran to the restroom before they spilled. The DJ played . . . What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am? Her sobs bounced off the walls in loud bursts.

After a while, Junie came to check on her. “Wash your face and come on out of here --, Bobby said Tommy’s dancing with his cousin.”

She left the restroom with hope in her heart, just in time to see Tommy make his moves on the dance floor.


Someone touched her shoulder. She turned —

Jimmy Scott smiled from ear to ear, “Would you like to dance?” he held out his hand.

Alice felt her cheeks burn . . . how could he embarrass her like that? Would everyone know he had a crush on her? She stepped away from him and ran back to the restroom, swearing she never wanted to see him again.

Did Tommy see them?

Her reputation would be marred for life.

(c) 2010 ~ Author Jeanette Cheezum 
Premiering AT THE BIJOU


WELCOME BACK JEANETTE CHEEZUM! We're proud AT THE BIJOU of how your young at heart sensations take us back to remember*when dance floor feelings.

JEANETTE:  I’m really proud of what I’ve done this past year, (2009) I published 160 stories of various sizes, all over the net and in a couple of books. This year so far: I’ve published 52 stories, in four new books, the forthcoming HARBINGER*33 and finished my third novel. PLUS, gag me if you must, but I'd still let you know I rush home from late Saturday dance dates with my husband Tom whom I continue to fall more in love with every day, just to find out how my latest fate is all tied up AT THE BIJOU's Murdery Mystery Matinees. The weekend shows of "THE PRINTS AND THE POPPER" are not only twisty-turner killers, but in last week's epicsodes they even handed out the recipes for Mexican Martinis! Do you think Anthony can make a pitcher of those when folks read all my stories?

ABSOLUTELY*KATE: Jeanette, when Ant comes out of Bukowski's Basement, that's why they call his new hit bar The Lucky Shot in "THE PRINTS AND THE POPPER" epic'sodes. I imagine he can mix up top shelf hootch concotions the same way he and you and AT THE BIJOU writers tend to write ~ as top notch crowd-pleasers. And good luck on getting free. Saaaaaay - what does someone have on you to try to keep you on the ropes like that? It's a mystery to me.

Do drink up to many further writes of Jeanette by clicking on her name AT THE BIJOU's "Cavalcade of Stars". There are many of us!

Much Thanks Jeanette
for fooling around

~ Absolutely*Kate
and our fine staff of renown 



Carrie Clevenger said...

OH that Jimmy! How dare he think he has a shot at her while she's eyeballing some finer stud out there on the dance floor. This was swell, the way you did it period-style, and I'm hoping to see more of you dear lady.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Carrie. My mind does wander back in the day, from time to time.

Marisa Birns said...

Poor foolish Jimmy! Just doesn't get it, huh.

Really enjoyed your story, and keeping fingers crossed that Tommy takes a chance on her!

Paul D Brazill said...

Oh, I do hate young people, I really do! Nice tale, JCeanette

Stina said...

This was just gorgeous. I loved it.

Harry said...

Ahh the food chain in action on the seventh grade Serengeti of Love! Where there's not alot of green grass on either side of the fence and the bird in hand is usually eaten by a croc.

Another beauty Jeanette!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

I know renovations are constantly underway AT THE BIJOU, and our ambiance is grand by the standards of the writers it showcases . . . but Holy Jumpin' over Moonglow's Heiffer! Is the theatre large enough to hold all of Harry B Good's colourful colloquialisms under one roof? The nuttin' but blue sky's the limit when his expressive heartiness plays the room.

(Fred? Jed? Ed? -- Call Louie's Lumber, we may need to add on a wing the way these guys' word-fling soars. The comments alone are bringin' down the house sometimes.)

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...


I was rooting for Jimmy! You know in the movie sequel he's going to turn out to be soft-spoken, big-hearted, melt women's liquid parts Senator Jim or movie star idol James. Geeez, you think attitudes of the times of who's popular on first blows Alice's chance of getting to second-base? I don't know -- (3rd base!)

Which certainly means you fill the dance floor with how we sway to your time'old fools will be fools consummate storytelling tale. I thought it dreamy like a fab '45 spins the turntable.

~ Absolutely*Kate
and the fine staff of renown

Anonymous said...

Marisa, so glad you understnd the feelings of a gal who has set her cap for this months dream guy.

Paul, You're a hoot!

Christia, thanks, its been fun sharing with you.

Har, I love it! That's a great comment.

Kate, my dear, it's always a pleasure to share your stage. Thanks!

Laurita said...

The love triangles of youth. Nice one, Jeanette. I felt like I was back in Jr. High - in a good way.

Anonymous said...

Larita, I'm happy I could take ya to the hop.

Unknown said...

Jeanette... I love the period feel. How could I not?? Well done, as always...