Tuesday, April 13, 2010

AWARD WINNER! ~ AT THE BIJOU ... As the Sun Shines

PAUL PHILLIPS, with the dashing Aussie accent:  Kate, I have nominated your 'blog' for an award ... check in at my page for the scoop!! Thanks for being such a great pal!! 

ABSOLUTELY*KATE, with the lights sparkin' up her eyes:  Well Paulie, On behalf of the fine renowned staff AT THE BIJOU, I am most honoured and will indeed seek and savour the scoop ~ wonder if it's French Vanilla, Butter Pecan or Orange Sherbet?

Thank*YOU sir for the prestige and the pal'ship across our mere seas. You're e'er a joy even if you don't read Fitzgerald or Shakespeare.

* * *   ( What I scoped out         
at my scoop at Paul's Place ) * * *

Sunshine Of Your Blog...

"But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine."  ~ Thomas Jefferson, aiding the historical significance of this moment

Paul Phillips, the Aussie with audacity and the accent to make it linger, graciously awarded AT THE BIJOU this prestigious *SUNSHINE AWARD* . . . which I believe ~ after the Pulitzer and Tony and Oscar and Clio ... is pretty high up there, sky being the limit and all that.

Paul, who claims to be more phenomena than mere mortal man, is a single dad (grab him up ladies!) raising a teen son in a notorious bookshop so far Down Under that Shakespeare never sees the light o'day. (You can't make stuff like this up ~ just ask him. Harry knows, Solender even challenged him on it once.) Paul's loaded with ideas but claims a lack of time. Me thinks the gent doth protest too much ~ he emits quite a turnout of characters in his writing over at his blog'spot ... even if he does kill many of 'em off. 



Well Paulie, on behalf of the fine renowned staff AT THE BIJOU, I do most heartily accept your sunshine, your - uh - song'singing and these lovely, lovely dozen long-stemmed red roses. (Laurita - you got roses too, right?)
THANKS Mr Kill-em-off writer for enjoying what
AT THE BIJOU's all about ~ Writers' Raves becomin' Readers' Faves! There's a pretty snazzy'lookin' acceptance crew comin' up behind me, so I'll leave the podium now - again ... Appreci'Kate the sunshine and the roses!
Love'ya man - (it's the Aussie accent; I'm a sucker for a good man with a swash'bucklin' accent).

~ Absolutely*Kate

 The awarding ~ rules read as follows:
1. Put the Award-logo on the blog within your post.
2. Pass the Award on to 12 worthy blogsites.
3. Link to the nominees within your own posted hosting.
4. Let nominees know they've received Award by commenting on their blogs.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

*AT THE BIJOU* is in a classy crowd
of Paul-bestowment of notable reads, indeed!

 Absolutely*Kate & Amazing Ensemble - AT THE BIJOU . . . Laurita Miller - Brain Droppings . . . Anthony Venutolo - Bukowski's Basement . . . Daniel Stine - Daniel's In China . . . Jodi MacArthur - Fiction Writer - Jodi MacArthur . . . Lee Hughes - leehughes.net . . . Erin Cole - Listen To The Voices . . . Mike Whitney - Livin' In The Hills . . . Michael Solender - Not From Here, Are You? . . . Tess Dickinson - Thoughts From Tess . . . Nicole Hirschi - CJT's Word Vamp . . . and of course the renowned Paul Brazill - You Would Say That, Wouldn't You?

Without repetition of that slew of a crew above,
I tender my nominations for good stuff and good times, with a challenge twist of trivia following what lingers in your mind ~ 

Aggie Villanueva's ~ Visual Arts Junction
 21st Century Writer Barry J. Northern
Carrie Clevenger's ~ MindSpeak
Eric Beetner, Author
Erin Cole's ~ Listen To The Voices
Harry B Sanderford's  ~ posterous for posterity
Jelena Vencl Ohlrogge's ~ MissUnderstood
Kevin Michaels' ~ A COLD RUSH OF AIR
Kim Urig's ~ Lifted On Eagle's Wings
Linda Simoni-Wastila's ~ LEFTBRAINWRITE
Pamila Payne's ~ Bella Vista
Robert Morschel's ~ Mulled Vine
Serena Solani's ~ VITA*BELLA . . . YES
Sweet Sugar Wendy's ~ posterous for posterity
Zelda, Queen of the Pirates, aka Madame Z's ~ GET-YOUR-ZS

( You know - I may have been so excited that my count was off, but chances are, as good readership goes, there are going to be repeats under the sun as this award circulates )
Thanks again Paul for Award ~ roses ~ and the goodness that you are . . .  This is the part where the other guys said,  "Now go ahead people, spread your love and pass this Sunshine*Award on."  I'm adding ~ You deserve the readership that sails in along the way. ~ Absolutely*Kate  

The Sunshine*Awards 
Blog~Trivia~Challenge below:


Misty Hill said...

Hey congrats Kate. Well deserved. Wish I had half your energy. :)

Crybbe666 said...

Kate, that is quite a list you have created there. Some very fine writers (they must be, you said so!!) and one or two I don't know so I will go and have a peek-a-boo!!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Thank*you Deborah ... energy is transforming - then again, I've read some of your tales - they do the same good stuff! (When are we going to see your debut showcased here, AT THE BIJOU?)

Paul, yes, I said so and the list is enlightening indeed, as was the splendid gathering you included me and AT THE BIJOU within.{*thanks*} So much talent to peruse ... and get to know and savour the more. (You ready for your closeup under the lights soon?)

~ Absolutely*Kate
and the fine staff of renown

EC said...

Thank You Kate - But you are still the Moxie!!

Anonymous said...

What a way with words you seem to have Ms. Kate, and yes I agree, a great group of writers you've chosen above. Congrats to each of them and congrats to you.

All the Best,

Madam Z said...

Once again, I'm arriving just as the movie is half over, tripping over people's feet as I grope my way to an empty seat, spilling popcorn in their laps, responding to the cries of "Down in front," with a hearty "Fuck youse!"

But now I've found my seat and am telepathing a message to you, Kaptain Kate, a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS for winning this well-deserved award. Now, I'm off again to check out Paul's blogspot (I hope it's not wet...).

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Telepathics well received Madam Z ... either that or the groans of that guy whose feet your spiked heels hit -- twice, but 'hey' I heard youse and thank*you most kindly. Do note I sent folks around to check out your spiffy writing site too (so write somethin' - company's comin'!)

Hey Nicole or CJ ~ Nice you came around and said nice stuff and are enjoyin' yourself. That's what it's all about here. Hit up the candy counter but go easy on Ms Sugar's Milk Dud supply (she actually counts inventory).

~ Absolutely*Kate

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Erin ... moxie knows that I'd share teal heels with you any day (unless I wasn't needing them to strut out for a real hot on the town time). Glad to know your style and wit. ~ Absolutely*Kate