Thursday, April 29, 2010

"RABBIT, RABBIT!" ~ Introducing Playwright Debbie Lamedman AT THE BIJOU


~ By playwright Debbie Lamedman,
making AT THE BIJOU one of her
new creative hangouts . . .

 Believe it or not, this is not a post about Easter.  First of all, I'm not an Easter-type of gal, and second it's just a coincidence that I'm writing this post in the month of the Easter holiday.  Actually, it has to do with the first of the month.  It just so happens a tomorrow from now is May 1st.  Nothing to do with Absolutely*Kate's April Fool's theme AT THE BIJOU either  Oy ... so much explanation for all the things this post ISN'T about.  Here's what it IS about:

I've always been a voracious reader, even when I was a young lass.  I never did the "Nancy Drew" thing, but I did like the Trixie Belden series.  Also, a young girl detective, not unlike Nance, but a little more cool.  Plus, she lived in New York  like me (only she lived upstate in a richer, woodsy area but still ... we were both New Yorkers. I don't know where Nancy Drew lived.) Anyway, it was from the Trixie Belden books where I learned about "Rabbit, Rabbit" and I've held on to it ever since.  That in itself may be a little pathetic, but what can I tell you?

Basically, this is how it works.  On the last day of the month, before you go to sleep, you make a wish.  Say the wish out loud.  And then once the wish is made, you cannot speak again.  Go to sleep.  Happy dreams! Then, when you wake up on the first day of the new month, the first words out of your mouth have to be ... you guessed it ... "RABBIT, RABBIT!" 

So I've been doing this for all these many years ... making a wish on the last day of the month, waking up yelling "Rabbit, Rabbit!" on the first day of the new month.  I don't think my wish has ever come true ... but I still do it.

I've blown it plenty of times, and sometimes I would even put a little note on my alarm clock to remind me to say "Rabbit, Rabbit".  Sometimes I would make the wish at 11:59pm and yell "Rabbit, Rabbit!" at midnight.  I don't think you have to yell the words, but for some reason I always do.

So here we are, nearing April 30th, another chance to make another wish, and on the tomorrow of May 1st, here's wishing that wish will come true. 

What will you wish for?

(c) 2010 ~ Author/Playwright Debbie Lamedman
wished and whooshed into an AT THE BIJOU debut

ABSOLUTELY*KATE: Welcome, Welcome, Debbie, Debbie! I know we're going to be aware of more of your prolific playwright creations and interactions or collaborations with our Authors here AT THE BIJOU, but just couldn't resist throwing wide open our double mahogany doors for your yelling wishes to come as true as your April debut. 

PLAYWRIGHT DEBBIE LAMEDMAN: I love theater because it educates as well as entertains. And Absolutely*Kate, I love the way you see the world and then showcase it AT THE BIJOUYou do have a WHOLE lot of moxie and your energy is oozing through my computer screen. I got myself a whole lot of reading to do AT THE BIJOU. I'm loving your whole style everyone, and am very eager to be involved.

DEBBIE LAMEDMAN is a playwright, author and editor of eight acting books published by Smith & Kraus, Inc. Debbie's produced plays include phat girls, Triangle Logic, Mind Control, Eating in the Dark and Just Add Love.     phat girls is featured in the Smith & Kraus anthology, New Playwrights: The Best Plays of 2003. Debbie is co-writer for the musical How the Nurse Feels, which has had staged readings at both the Disney Workshop in Los Angeles and New World Stages in New York City. Her newest work, Ignorance is Bliss: a Global Warning has its world premiere 'now', in April 2010.
PLAYWRIGHT DEBBIE LAMEDMAN: I've had two interviews come out in two days for two different pieces of work I'm feeling a bit proud and wanted to share the news. 

ABSOLUTELY*KATE: Wonderful interviews to share with your new shows simultaneously wowing them around the country ~ "TRIANGLE LOGIC" and "IGNORANCE IS BLISS", where you've put spin on global warming as funny and entertaining in its serious scenario. 
PLAYWRIGHT DEBBIE: Thank you Absolutely-Kate!  Finding you and AT THE BIJOU may actually have helped me from losing my mind.  Am I being overly dramatic?  Only slightly!  You are a muse sent from above! 

ABSOLUTELY*KATE: Lady, how your style is going to add to the pizazz AT THE BIJOU! We have stage and screen, prose and noir, drama and dreams, talkies and tantalization and in the following serial presentation, mysticism in high energy form with the return of Barry Northern. I think you'll like him and those who share our red velvet rows and popcorn throws. 

We're looking forward to how
your distinctive plays come to play.
PLAYWRIGHT DEBBIE: So, Rabbit, Rabbit ... what am I wishing for? I'm in the process of creating the life that I want ... attempting to carve out my niche in this big, sometimes overwhelming world. Attempting to get rid of the frustration that has lately filled my days, and needing to get my mojo back. I wished for that. Artistic, creative and financial independence. Big wish, but why not, right?

ABSOLUTELY*KATE: Big enthusiasm is all over the psyche when you run into this dame Debbie at Confessions of a Cluttered Mind Watch for her MayDays 'staging', AT THE BIJOU. . . .



Unknown said...

Rabbit, rabbit!! Welcome to the Bijou, (Playwright) Debbie... Hope to read more soon.

Harry said...

I like your Rabbit Rabbit habit and I think the day after tomorrow I'll try it too. Hope your wish comes true!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

(( Points on "Rabbit Rabbit habit" Har. You're smokin'! ))

DEBBIE ~ *WELCOME AGAIN* where dull moments never know how to exist AT THE BIJOU. Your vivid tutorial should enlighten each month for me all the more, all the more. ~ Absolutely*Kate who WILL stay up late Friday night to get my own yell-wish in!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Debbie, I want to meet Alice. Do I have to become friends with Rabbit Rabbit first?

Debbie Lamedman said...

Thanks everyone for the very warm welcome! I am so happy to be here, I'm doing a little jig, but since it's hard to type when jigging, I shall refrain until I'm finished.

This is a double whammy with Rabbit, Rabbit falling on MAY DAY! I'm sure we can all use that extra dose of luck.

Now, it's off to do that jig I was talking about! Peace and Happy Weekend!

Happy wishes to all on this eve of May! I'm looking forward to writing more, reading more and getting to know all these cool folks down AT THE BIJOU!