Tuesday, February 2, 2010

(( THE SHADOW KNOWS )) . . . Screen Gems, lurking . . . where memories ponder?

Phoebe Lane:  This is going to be thrilling, isn't it, Mr. Cranston?  
Lamont Cranston:  Yes, and dangerous, too. Particularly for you.
Phoebe Lane: 
For me? Why?

Lamont Cranston:  Well, when the crooks start shooting it seems they pick off the girl first. 
 The Shadow, from International Crime ~ 1938
~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  

The Shadow:  Have no fear for your sanity, Grimmbauer. You're too shallow and evil for that escape.

The Shadow:  Only the guilty need fear me and I see the terror in your eyes, my friend. I am all around you, here by your side though your eyes see nothing. You cannot escape me, Grimmbauer.

Detective Harry Harris: Who are you? 

The Shadow: I am the Shadow... the fear of retribution in men's minds. I am justice.

The Shadow:  Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! 
The Shadow, from TV, how TV used to be ~ 1954

 ~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  

Lamont Cranston: Do you have any idea who you just kidnapped? 
Tulku:  Cranston; Lamont Cranston.
Lamont Cranston:  You know my real name?   
Tulku:  Yes. I also know that for as long as you can remember, you struggled against your own black heart and always lost. You watched your sprit, your very face change as the beast claws its way out from within you. You are in great pain, aren't you?   [Cranston leaps at the Tulku, who magically vanishes and reappears

Tulko: You know what evil lurks in the hearts of men, for you have seen that evil in your own heart. Every man pays a price for redemption; this is yours. 
Lamont Cranston: I'm not lookin' for redemption!   
Tulko: You have no choice: you will be redeemed, because I will teach you to use your black shadow to fight evil.
[as Lamont walks away to become The Shadow]
Margo Lane:  
Wait! How will you know where I am?
Lamont Cranston:
[turns to answer] I'll know! 
 The Shadow:  I saved your life, Roy Tam. It now belongs to me.  
Dr. Roy Tam:  It does?  
The Shadow:  The weed of crime bears bitter fruit.

The Shadow: I'll be there... around every corner... in every empty room... as inevitable as your guilty conscience...
Dr. Roy Tam:  How did you know where to find me? How did you know who I am?  
The Shadow:  [begins to laugh] The Shadow knows! 

The Shadow, from 1994, because classic lines never age ~ they just lurk

~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  /  ~  /  ~  / ~  
Our staff of renown found The Shadow near the back row by the mezzanine. Fortunately, quick quizzical thinkers that they are, they asked the visage to share a few words. 

Shadows speak easy. 
One has but to listen.
~ Absolutely*Kate and the staff of renown,
AT THE BIJOU ... wishing sight into your shadows 


Harry said...

"Have no fear for your sanity, Grimmbauer. You're too shallow and evil for that escape.
"< great line and great job Katie*Girl putting together a shadtacular G-Hog's Day at the Bijou!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

From a feller outstanding among his pack of PHILS, I take that as high praise, without a shadow of a doubt. Was real fun working this dark and light theme with you Har. Thanks. You also notice one of my fave lines, though "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit" had ap'peel for me too. ~ Absolutely*Kate

Crybbe666 said...

It is terrible to be young and not have the foggiest idea what these people are on about. BUT! I did more googling and discovered what was going on...
You and Harry have done a great thing here...thanks Kate for the laughs!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Oh PAULLIE ~ It's always so great anytime Har and I can pull YOU outta your shadows! Knowledge, even of comic'book super'heroes devised as promotion pushes for early pulp-fiction are illuminating ... in sheer Shadow dialog and timeless message to entertain. Ahhh, writing, I herald your refrain.

THANKS! ~ Absolutely*Kate, and Harry and the rest of AT THE BIJOU's fine staff of renown