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NELLE'S NOIR PALS ~ AT THE BIJOU ... Double*Feature Tuesdays & Thursdays

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You know  
Beetner and Brazill?

DeeDee and Sam?

Sanderford and Payne?

Michaels and Venutolo?

of Harbinger*33
with J.B. Kohl
One of the most appealing aspects (if not the most appealing) of noir fiction is it allows readers to plumb the depths of life, to observe characters pushed to their limits and beyond, into a very gray moral area. What Beetner and Kohl have done here is approach that gray area from both sides. One man is on a quest to avenge the death of his brother. Another is ostensibly out to stop him before he brings chaos down on the city, but what he's really doing is searching his own soul and scrounging for a reason--any reason--to not allow such chaos to descend. Both have high aspirations, but neither has convinced himself that he's worthy of them. A gripping character study sent in the nearly lawless, Wild West-esque days of Depression-era Kansas City, One Too Many Blows to the Head will deliver much the same to your own noggin.

~ Amazon Review by an astute guy named Jimmy 

ERIC BEETNER, author commits crimes on paper. Do carouse through his crime fiction, short stories, novels and screenplay notes. Ask him how he fares in contest flair (or flare?) ... and ... a GameShow? You have to ask Eric ... or find clues at his crime notebook of a write-site.
Eric's Noir
BIJOU Talkie:


Exacting Interview of  the illustrious
of Harbinger*33
~ by DeeDee of
the NOIR site of all Noir sites on any dark night, shedding some light ~
La Lumière et L'Obscurité ...

Noirish City....the world of rain soaked streets, dark alleys and dead ends...The Home of Tough Guys, City Dames, and a cup of (Coffee) ...The Maltese Falcon, Val Lewton(esque's) header, Black Angel, Sunset Blvd., dark, light, shadows, Cry of the City, Victor Mature, Robert Mitchum, Richard Widmark, Barbara Stanwyck, Richard Conte, dark figures, Act of Violence, The Big Combo, Out of the Past, Paranoia, dark alleys, rain slick streets, Chiaroscura......Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Peter Lorre, Sidney Greenstreet, Elisha Cook and that... "Bird."

PAUL D. BRAZILL, "You Would Say That, Wouldn't You?" Read up on an aspiring pulp writer who was born in Hartlepool, England and is now on the lam in Bydgoszcz, Poland. He started writing at the end of 2009 - or 2008 is it Paul? -- and he seems to be getting away with it ... Personally, I believe Paul's been channeling crime figures for decades and changes the date of the beginning of his beguine each year to maintain his ingenue status ... Shhhh, that's between me and whomsoever is gleaning this suspicion.  

~ Absolutely*Kate

 Do Enjoy ~
Paul's Noir TorchSong  


Likewise, Meet up with DeeDee's skillful cinematic pal Sam Juliano, co-founder of WONDERS IN THE DARK ... film presented ... as film should be.

"Featuring fairly regular theatre reviews and even the odd opera or classical piece by yours truly, it will, by and large, be a chapel in the North Transept of the Cathedral Devoted to the Moving Image in general. My enthusiasm, I am constantly told, is tireless, haranguing people into theatres with a zealousness not seen since Midshipmen patrolled the inns of Portsmouth and Southampton looking for ‘volunteers’ for the King’s Navy in Press Gangs.

"You’ll see a list of movies by year in the Movie Timeline, a basic reference tool to show what major films and milestones were released in a given year. We may make a go of this crazy enterprise."   ~ Sam Juliano

of Harbinger*33
on a NOIR spree

A Kevin Michaels readers' fave AT THE BIJOU is BETWEEN THE LINES - bikers, jail, a little violence, and a little blood... elements that drive a man's Harley-hardened engine. Kevin  is everything New Jersey (attitude, edginess, and Bruce Springsteen..but not Bon Jovi). He is a writer and surfer who lives at the Jersey Shore. Both Kevin and writing projects are on a  creative roll, banging out short stories, editing and revising yet again a few sections of his novel STILL BLACK REMAINS, finishing up stories that have lingered far too long in the "drafts" file, and pushing through other projects. 
 Shoot the breeze at  ~ A COLD RUSH OF AIR
for more Kevin Michaels classic edgy flair

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Feel what repercussions can do
when a man does what a man 
thinks he must do.


of Harbinger*33
 a NOIR feel . . .

  She writes dark fiction fueled by personal details and distorted through the lens of an imperfect memory. She writes horror, some of it real and recorded fact by fact. Pamila Payne's first novel, The Bella Vista Motel, is in search of a publisher.

Comrades  Recognition. Respect and admiration. Kind words from total strangers. Encouragement from friends.  March on fellow writers, march on . . . 

@ Vintage Vice, knockout new site heralding tough tantalizing talents of Pamila Payne 

For a rundown on this Absolutely*Kate author/captain/promoter and believer in believers, as well as Paul Brazill, dubbed the Timothy Leary of Pulp Fiction, you genuinely need to sail over to the Pamila Payne "COMRADES" section of VINTAGE VICE. ~ It exceeds "quite nice", we assure you. We thank her, wholeheartedly of course.  ~ Absolutely*Kate


 of Harbinger*33
with a 1-2 punch

Harry B. Sanderford is a Central Florida surfing cowboy who'd sooner spin yarns than mend fences.

His talent touches lives as deeply as his friendships and memorable cheer.



matinees of murder mystery
determining fear 


of Harbinger*33
the first NOIR talkie!

ANTHONY VENUTOLO brought his first cinematic noir piece AT THE BIJOU with more excitement than a happy trigger finger (top-metaphor that one, Paul Brazill). He fancies himself a writer by trade and by passion. Dabbling with  screenplays, short stories and now a pulpy comic book about a tattoo artist in Atlantic City, this Jersey guy freelanced for such magazines as Bikini, Details, Chance and Playboy Online, and wrote a column for the gambling magazine Casino Player and Strictly Slots. Anthony works as an editor at a Pulitzer Prize-winning daily newspaper, and dated all the cocktail waitresses he could get good storyline material from until he met and married the sensational lady of his dream genre. (Joking about the cocktail waitresses, but not the sensational lady). Online his flash fiction and prose poems have appeared at Zygote in My Coffee, Red Fez, Deuce Coupe, Gutter Eloquence, Shoots and Vines and Six Sentences. He's a talent and a tribute AT THE BIJOU to himself and colleagues with a stellar story you can bet on in the upcoming HARBINGER*33, sailing forth writers' deserving destinies. 
BUKOWSI'S BASEMENT is primarily Anthony's showcase for nuggets that can range from Skid Row to the Savoy as well as gritty creative posts in the form of prose poems and flash fiction. So pour yourself some cheap hooch and settle in because this is a place to celebrate all things wonderous in the gin-soaked literary landscape of Chuck Buk, Jack Kerouac, Tom Waits and Raymond Carver.

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and Good Nights
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Paul D Brazill said...

Cheers for that. What a good gang to be part of. But I'm afraid, Black&White & Red All Over -for 6S in November 2008- was the fisrt story that I wrote. Altough there was the screnplay in the mid 90's that I lost ...

Unknown said...

Thanks for the PR, Kate!

Anonymous said...

With a line-up like this, how could you go wrong?