Saturday, February 13, 2010

EBBTIDE ~ By Sugar-Wendy and Harry B. Sanderford of Harbinger*33


Love lies sleeping on a white sand beach.  The tide washed her up and has yet to reclaim her. Starfish and fiddler crabs loll in shallow pools or dodge plastic shovels unconcerned that love burns nearby. Fearing the riptide that could drag her to deeper waters, she longs for a safe harbor. Embraced by the dunes and warmed by the sunlight, the gull's haunting laugh taunts her but she does not stir.

Love is not lost, only dreaming and I am in her dream.

(c) 2010 ~ Authors Sugar-Wendy and Harry B. Sanderford

Sugar is the sweet combination of Tinkerbell and all things pink who occasionally channels  Mae West: Why don’t you come up and see me sometime? She is proprietor of the notorious Sugar Shack where she goes heavy on the spirits and easy on the eyes. 

Harry, we're all just wild about true blue Harry, is writer of heart and heart of writer, wit and soul and a cartoony kind of delighter.

And that's all I have to say about them two, 'cept . . . they're really special . . . to all fortunate to be in the glow of their giving, which is pretty immeasurable.

Thanks you two a deux
for adding to the Valentine's Weekend
special spunk . . . AT THE BIJOU

~ Absolutely*Kate
and the lovin' staff of renown,


Madam Z said...

And further up the beach lies crabby Madam Z, an empty shell, adding her salty tears to the briny sea. She'd like to scratch Sugar's eyes out, but whe hasn't the heart. She gains some comfort from knowing that even the spirited Sugar will someday be cast overboard, for handsome Harry is as fickle as a tropical breeze.

Michael Solender said...


Harry said...

Madam Z is no crab, it has been documented that the world is her oyster and she the pearl(me the irritant). But lookout Z, Sugar's not the kind that melts in salt water and might just prize a pearl for her treasure chest. Always fun Sugar! Thanks Michael & Madam Z & special thanks to A.K. for putting us so brightly up in lights!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

You guys are already bright when it comes to the lights shinin' round ... it's how you splash ...

A shore'thing ... the writ and wit of Sugar'sensation, Harry on the beach, Zelda barefootin' it and tellin' the world, and the soul of the Solender boy just reporting in on the way he sees the world smooosh by. Such good folks in a world which surely needs 'em.

~ Absolutely*Kate

Harry said...

Excellent picture by the way Katie*Girl! I'm home and it looks like I have alot of reading to do!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Thanks for liking the pictorial which yours and Sugar's haunting shore-lines conjured up, Harry'Boy. Welcome home and after the laundry/grocery catch'up ... GET READING! Forget the popcorn ~ we'll send out for sandwiches for you. AT THE BIJOU's "reeling" up for FAB-FEB FILM*FEST!

~ Absolutely*Kate and the fine staff of renown

Wendy said...

Oh for goodness seashells and crab legs, Z, wipe your tears on your beach blanket bingo and pull up your thong. Sugar doesn't lie around on a beach waitin' or dreamin' on love...she goes to find it. Let's hit up the Blue Balls Saloon on the boardwalk...I heard that the marines are in town...

MikeS...I like smooshy!

Katers, thanks for the feature...made me feel real special like...

Har! Welcome back!

How about youins join Z and me at the Saloon? We're gonna stir up some fun and drink it down!!

Harry said...

Sugar, I've been to the saloon with Madam Z before and she can shoot the lights out. Sounds like fun!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Oh shoot. Save me a shot, slingers.

Madam Z said...

Whoa! You say the Marines are in town? At the Blue Balls Saloon? Sounds like you're lookin' for love in all the right places, Shoogs. I'll meet you there tomorrow night and we can thank those boys for their service! Har, you can be the drill instructor and Kate can referee. That saloon had better put some deflectors on their lights!