Tuesday, February 16, 2010


On the One Hand, Valentines
By ~ D.D. Peattie

I miss those running love notes we hid in unsuspected places and your eyes delicious as big, brown, warm, molasses cookies inviting me to kisses like I had never known.

I miss your Oregon farm-girl roots and earnestness, our ::blush:: sexual... uhm... well, suffice to say a chemistry so obviously and lasciviously legend.

Ya know, I miss your folks and their place on the hilltop among the almonds and vineyards of California's central coast and even your little brother's musings when he had smoked too much pot.

I miss your wacky spelling of your first name and remember my crush on you in junior college, never dreaming we'd date and I'd fall so effortlessly for you, as naturally as a raindrop.

I miss holding you, saying I'll love you forever, and ~ decades later ~ confess today is without exception.

Fact is, I miss all five of you in different ways at different times, but see that it isn't love alone I miss, but a certain something in your 'someone-ness' that loved me back, and how, before discovering an eventual beyond.

(c) 2010 ~ Author D.D. Peattie 

Yes, I know the Big Lovin' Weekend is over, but this piece o'peace of ol' D.D.'s just needed to beat its heartfelt message one more time. Besides, if a kiss is never really just a kiss, then surely Big Lovin' should be more than just a red-letter day.

Mr Sweetie - I mean Peattie, is a down'home boy at heart and spunk and spirit; unapologetic for how he sees and feels the world. He composes music as well as muse, just because he can. If'n you ask him right nice, he may just let you hear the bossa nova, a classical refrain or even a movie overture, perfect genre for this star-studded venue. Fortunately, he doesn't scrimp on the word good, (by his own definition). D.D. Peattie is an avid international traveler . . . who we hope will mosey on over AT THE BIJOU often.
~ Absolutely*Kate
and the staff of renown, * AT THE BIJOU *


Anonymous said...

DD, that was a beautiful heartfelt poem. Also, I love the hearts scattered throughout.

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

F.Scott Fitzgerald said, "There are all kinds of loves in the world ~ but never the same love twice." Mr Peattie's full winning hand of sweethearts certainly proves the echoe true.

Jeanette, always so great to see you in your usual traipsing through the shows AT THE BIJOU. When DD granted me carte blanche to select from his huge repertoire of writes on "life", I felt this loving meander through womenfolk needed the hearty illustrative approach.

DD, this line was as tender as each of your warm womanly reminisces: "... it isn't love alone I miss, but a certain something in your 'someone-ness' that loved me back ...". Thanks so much for the soft side of your strong lovin' share. ~ Absolutely*Kate

Anonymous said...

This guy's good. Really, really good.