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Join Michael J. Solender as he mixes fiction in a variety of genres, poetry, non-fiction essays, reviews, satire and opinion into a gumbo of distinct stories designed mostly to entertain himself. 

You all know that place where everybody gets to know your name, up the street, a saloon kind of literary hangout. The NOT. Ahhh, but do you know why Michael writes?

When two newspaper'folk meet up and let wit fly sky high, there's bound to be a life'long attraction. You know the story's glory ~ boy meets girl. Back over in the early stomping grounds of 6*City, where we got used to leavin' Enlighten on for you, girl asks boy to come play . . . when The Twilight Carnival came to town. History hit. Zinged his inimitable wit. *BAM!* Friendship forged into laughter ever after. The soul of Solender came aboard the mighty reader-ship I've been creating, HARBINGER*33, and wrote way past a shocker of a tale to share in some of the back and forth and forth and back a book needs that heralds the greatness of authors we both care so highly for . . . to soar, the more. He's been the reporter at posts around the country, now the toast of the arts & culture crowd down Charlotte, NC way. I've been the advertising agency gal in Ohio, come to Connecticut, starting up a few newspapers from the promotion side of the coin. Flipped pal Michael that coined phrase "GOT NOT?", after Allie ~ you all know Allie? ~ told me, "Yeah, it sounds good." (Allie verifies *cool* -- it's just how it goes).

The feller calls me "ubitquious". I'm glad the world's got NOT with him in it. But . . . I wanted to know more ~

   Question from the curiousity of the Kate ~   

What gives you the greatest *JOY* when you write -- when you concept it and the juices are flowin?   When you are nailin' it into that inner "ta dahhh" moment?  When others "get you" ... and somewhere .... you think you made a difference?  When you get $ slipped under your door?   When --- "


Oh gawd. The best for me is simply when the cork comes out of the bottle and it starts to flow. For so many years I wrote for "others" - executive speeches, employee communications, message maps for managers etc. Now that I finally write for myself, I most enjoy the time that I have to script my words that make a story come alive and sing with meaning. I love connecting with readers and bringing them into my stories with their experiences allowing them to interpret what I have written in a way that has meaning for them. Telling tales is what I do, I love the creative process and am constantly amazed at what comes from my pen. I never know what exactly is going to come out and often completely surprise myself - the process for me is what I absolutely enjoy the most.

Happy First Year of
Zinging it out
  at the NOT

  ~ Ubitquiously yours,  


Carrie Clevenger said...

Woot! Happy blogaversary!

Michael Solender said...

Y'know. Here I sit in my birthday suit just soaking it all in..waiting for the party.Thanks for the splash and champagne across the bow, you throw some mean bday, I mean to tell ya! Cheers! Btw, pops would so dig the feature he's getting with the Dempse, A beuat of a guy, a man's man. ma'm

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Mmmm, the best kind o'man, man.

Happy You-Day MJ. Glad you liked the soiree.
~ Absolutely*Katie

Anonymous said...

Michael, one year down and fifty to go. LOL
The "Not" is that good.

Harry said...

Congratulations Michael, keep poppin' your cork!

Michael Solender said...

Thanks all, You make me smile!

Anonymous said...

Both of you make me want to write more stories. Thanks, Kate. Thanks, Michael. Long live AT THE BIJOU and the NOT!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...

Aw geeeeez, that gosh darn Jason Henry gave me a lump in my throat, a catch to my breath, a soft shine to my inner lights. You got it Jason, what it's all about ... the true spirit of writing stories and celebrating authors ...

We sense, we write. Therefore we are.
Thanks for comin' round AT THE BIJOU. Follow your way to the popcorn concession. Join the others and make yourself a new writers' home.

~ Absolutely*Kate and our fine staff of renown

Paul D Brazill said...

Congrats, mate. And a great and fitting tribute from the Bijou.