Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"ONE-OTHER" ~ By Carrie Clevenger

The lights greet me as I step out of the car. Red greets my feet with lavish grandeur as the flashbulbs  flash like over-sized Christmas lights. I pray the pins will hold and stepped proudly down the L-shaped carpet with as much dignity as I could muster. Were they looking at me? Would they get a decent shot or photograph me with my mouth open once again? 

by Carrie Clevenger

I clench my fist around the handkerchief and paste a smile on that will remain for the rest of the evening. No matter what anyone says. No matter if the punch is flat and distasteful. No matter if I stumble on the wires snaking under the carpet. No matter 

The flashes hurt my eyes after a bit as we turn the corner. It feels like a funeral procession in Hell, it's gotten so hot. All my careful grooming is going to fade if we don't get inside quickly. I am wearing three-too-many layers of clothing, including a vest. The neat little red rosebud in my lapel seems to be gasping in the stifling air as we pass through the line.

We pause at the door and my daughter opens her tiny satchel to present the invitation. I nod as I am announced as her 'one-other'. 

“Daddy,” she says, pulling me down to her height for a hug, “I'm so glad you could be here.”

(c) 2010  ~  Author Carrie Clevenger
Originating . . . AT THE BIJOU!

Who could say more about star-quality Carrie the clever Clevenger, than . . . well, herself, when running down long hallways to slip this nifty script into my anticipatory palms:

CARRIE:  I hope this fits your 'bill'. I enjoyed writing something where nobody died! Just for you Katie-Q. Thank you for jerking my attention away from scarier things!

Carrie Clevenger is a regular feature AT THE BIJOU with shows that keep the rowdy crowds happy. (She claims they're all her friends, but we know Jeanette's been exchanging e'mail addresses already.) Her writing entices as well as the come'hither glance she constantly throws our young popcorn guy, Eddie. Disarming charm? Nope. Just Carrie ~ talent on the rise. Read more rave reviews  of her own latest news as she voices her MindSpeak < right there, or listen closely, come autumnal times when she shows up in the anthology Chinese Whisperings. Though she may be Scary-Carrie to the rest of the reading world who seek her collossal play of wordplay, to me . . . she's joy of the zingers.




~ Absolutely*Kate


Marisa Birns said...

Well played! Here I was thinking it was an adult "actress", then I assumed it was an "actor" because of the "three-too-many layers..."

Then, the opening of the envelope to reveal the surprise.

Excellent writing, Carrie!

Anne Tyler Lord said...

Very clever! I was surprised to see it was a child!

Well-done! And, it was just as shocking to NOT see anyone die in your stories!

Carrie Clevenger said...

Merci beacoup to all who visit. Look out for the ghost and don't sit on him. (He's in the eleventh row);)


EC said...

Great depth in that last little bit, and the stage was set well.
Nothing like being called Daddy, no matter what the invite says.

Harry said...

It's a big night for little Tatum Foster-Dakota and even bigger for her daddy. Nice job putting us there on the red carpet Carrie, and an even nicer one pulling the rug from under our feet!

Anonymous said...

You did a splendid job of putting my mind in a state of whirl. I wasn't sure who was walking down that aisle until she opened the door, and thanked Daddy. Fun read.

Linda said...

Fun read, and no one died! I love it when you streeeeettttttccccchhhhhh. Peace, Linda

Madam Z said...

You sure had *me* fooled! In a good way, of course. What a good daddy he is!

Kate Pilarcik ~ absolutely said...


"The neat little red rosebud in my lapel seems to be gasping in the stifling air as we pass through the line." The Phantom of THE BIJOU is gasping right along with me at your mighty fine non-killing of turned phrases in this special piece you whipped up for Fab-Feb Film*Fest, Ms Carrie. We felt the unfurl of the red carpet as you walked readers down your path of discovery, as big as the opening of a little satchel.

Gosh, we thank*you.
~ Kate and Phantom.

Carrie Clevenger said...

...I'll be back!

Jelena said...

Ah! Clever! :)

Paul D Brazill said...

Sweet and suprisingly so! Good call!